Must Ride: In the Heart of Malaysia.

Die heutige Tourenempfehlung für Malaysia kommt von Rolf und Joe. Sehr neidisch ich bin!


(by Rolf, in Englisch and German, with photo gallery) 135 km/h. The curves in the road seem to go on forever. The motorcycle is at full tilt. Again and again I hear the asphalt scuffing the corner of my case. I am in the heart of Malaysia, on a jungle racetrack which runs from the Cameron Highlands to Taman Negara. Anyone who rides a motorcycle in Southeast Asia must visit this place and roar into the heart of Malaysia.

Beautiful motorcycle route in the heart of Malaysia

The landscape:
Green, green, green. Everything is green. In contrast to the tea plantations on the hills in the Cameron Highlands, when you travel further east you pass through countless large oil palm plantations. It is the very definition of monoculture, as Malaysia’s largest palm oil company Sime Darby is omnipresent in this region. Although not ideal for the environment, I find the sight of the forests fascinatingly novel.

The surface:

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