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Was hält Dich zurück?

Über Rosie Gabrielle stolperte ich irgendwann mal bei Instagram, wo sie regelmässig Bilder von ihren Begegnungen und Erlebnissen ihrer Motorradreisen postet. Sie ist schon weit rumgekommen und hat mit dem Motorrad unter anderem Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Kambodscha, Indien, Türkei, Oman, Pakistan, die USA und ihre Heimat Kanada bereist.

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Pakistan named TOP holiday DESTINATION for TRAVELERS FOR 2020 by @cntraveler !!!!!!! . . And I couldn’t agree more! Although I’m pleased to be amongst the many who have come in the last years to help change the perception of this country, my aim was never to improve tourism. I was pro humanity and was dedicated to showcasing the real heart of the people- this was my mission. . Earlier this year I got to meet the legend himself – Sir @imrankhan.pti ! Pakistan’s Prime-Minister. And I must commend him on his efforts, leadership and wellbeing he seeks for his Country. I think he said it best When he stated that the vision for his country was not to become another “Kathmandu”, full of major tour buses, massive hotels and mass tourism. He said the most important thing about Pakistan, and is the real gem of this country, is the people. And mass tourism will tarnish that. . If Pakistan is going to have a mass influx of tourism, it needs to start practicing responsible tourism and get a better handle on things. . I was devastated to see the state of Naran, the chaotic unstructured infestation of random hotels, garbage, and Hunza isn’t far from it. The land is showing severe signs of global warming with glaciers melting at record speed, and don’t even get me started on the zoo that Kalash has become. If Pakistan is opening it’s doors for the masses, it needs to do it the right way, or it will lose the very essence that makes PAKISTAN extra special- the people and beautiful land. . Don’t get me wrong- I completely agree that this country is the TOP place to visit- and you will see in my coming vlogs, you won’t even believe your eyes the beauty here! however, some things need to be adjusted in order for this to be a success without completely running this place to the ground or being a disaster. In my opinion Pakistan is not ready for this kind of tourism for many reasons. It lacks the simple standards for this type of operation and is only really accessible to more “experienced travelers” rather than the “relaxed holiday” type. . 📸 remote and tripod 🌍 Location- one of the most Epic places I got to experience all to my self – DEOSAI 💗

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How do you live a more fulfilling life ? For some of us Our life like feels routine, empty and stuck. We don’t really feel alive. We go through the emotions and we do the things we think we have to do, but we don’t feel that ZEST for life. What to do about it? When we’re young, so often we stop following our eternal guiding system, our internal compass in the direction to the things that cause us to feel ALIVE. We abandon that pathway, specifically so we can feel that approval we often get from others. As a result of doing what they think we should be doing, eventually when we grow up we tell ourselves that those things they wanted us to do make us happy. We want the drug approval to cover up the loneliness, emptiness and absence we feel when we‘re not following our internal guidance system. But just like a drug, eventually it doesn’t work to cover up that void within us. We start to feel as though we are not alive, we start to feel that emptiness, we start to feel like we don’t know what we like, what we want, which direction to go- We feel lost. If we try to deny this aspect of ourselves, to reject our internal compass, we try to numb ourselves out for long enough, our soul will create a crisis. This type of crisis is designed specifically to get us back on track. But sometimes crisis will bring us face-to-face with death. If we’re living according to other people’s approval instead of the definition of what life REALLY means for us, then we are living a waking dead anyways. The ones who managed to recover from being terminally ill may let the visitor of death educate them about life, those who let a brush with death bring them back to life. The bottom line is, when a person is terminally ill, priorities change, and they change into what they always should’ve been. The absolute gift of surviving a brush with death, you can make this change in priorities without being ill, or dying, and you have a shot at really living. Your life will be full of meaning and always rich if you can live your life like tomorrow will never come. -@tealswanofficial Listen to the link posted to my stories for a step by step on how to master this practice

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Aktuell stieß ich wieder auf sie, als sie im aktuellen BMW Motorrad Podcast zu Gast war. Und hier erfuhr ich erstmals mehr über ihren Hintergrund und ihre Motivation. Ursprünglich aus Vancouver bereist sie schon früh die Welt. Mit 19 macht sie ihren ersten Trip nach Südostasien und als ihr das Umherreisen mit dem Bus nicht die Zeit ließ, das Land richtig zu entdecken mietete sie sich kurzerhand ein Motorrad. Es folgten 12.000km in sechs Monaten auf einer 125cc Honda Dream. Im Oman arbeitet sie immer wieder zwischen ihren Reisen als professionelle Fotografin. Am liebsten aber bereist sie die Welt mit dem Motorrad. Alleine. Als Frau. Mit einer dauerhaften, schweren Erkrankung (Lyme-Borreliose). Im BMW Motorrad Podcast spricht sie sehr offen über ihre Geschichte:

Berichte über ihre Reisebegegnungen postet sie auch auf ihrer Facebook-Seite ihrem YouTube-Kanal.

Ähnlich wie Rolf Lange fokussiert sie sich auf die Begegnungen mit den Menschen, die für sie ein zentraler Antreiber sind. Schöne und berührende Geschichten. Und am Ende fragt man sich: was hält mich eigentlich zurück, es ihr gleich zu tun.


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  1. Ja, das frage ich mich auch immer wieder – was hält mich eigentlich zurück?
    Danke für den Hinweis, die Dame kannte ich noch nicht. Dabei folge ich gerne motorradreisenden Frau wie Lea Riek oder Kinga Tanajewska.

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