Maxwell Paternoster ist einer der „foremost motorcycle-influenced artists working in Europe today“ (Zitat BikeExif). Neben seiner künstlerischen Arbeit schraubt er natürlich auch an dem einen oder anderen Zweirad herum. Eines seiner – sagen wir mal „ungewöhnlicheren“ – Basismoppeds hat er aktuell bei eBay zum Verkauf eingestellt, eine 1974er Honda C70 mit einem 140cc-Motor.

Maxwell Paternosters Honda C70  (Bild: Maxwell Paternoster)

Maxwell Paternosters Honda C70 (Bild: Maxwell Paternoster)

Die Geschichte der Honda lassen wir Maxwell am besten selber erzählen:

I have had it a while and there has been many adventures enjoyed on the bike. The bike has remained largely the same throughout my ownership of it.
I bought the bike as a ‚Barn Find‘ originally. It had the original engine when I got it. I rode it for a while with the standard C70 engine, but then I put in the YX140 engine. I purposely kept the frame in its ‚as found‘ barn find patina, I just oiled up the rusty bits to stop them worsening. The frame is reasonably solid under the arch, but as can be seen in the pictures the tail section is starting to come away a bit, thats largely down to mishaps on my behalf. I can supply a brand new set of leg shields with the bike, as the ones that are on there are a bit tatty. I would put them on but I thought the new owner might want to
cut the new ones to suit whatever adjustments they might make to the bike.
The bike is fast, I have a couple of videos of it in action. This is the 3rd YX140 engine I am on now. So this engine is basically 1 year old. Still a very strong engine. The bike is mechanically sound really, it has later type front forks for their better springs. I can supply the original forks as part of the deal.
Exhaust is home made, and it is the same diameter from manifold opening to rear end, no fluctuations in diameter, so it’s like 29mm (or something like that) all the way through. I run it with no silencer but its a bit loud.
Electrics are all neatly re done, I have a capacitor instead of a battery, but one might want to fit a battery for a loud horn tone.

Wer das gute Stück ersteigern möchte, kann dies bis morgen abend (07. Januar 2016, 19:28:11) sein Glück bei eBay versuchen. Die CRAFTRAD und Curves-Sticker auf dem Frontschild sind übrigens im Kaufpreis bereits enthalten.