Airhead Revival

Das hier ist der bislang eleganteste BMW Zweiventilboxer-Umbau, den ich gesehen habe. Wow!

Josh Withers is no stranger to BMW airheads. After building his own 1973 BMW Cafe, Josh was commissioned to build one in a similar vein for someone he never met, except through countless phone calls and emails. After two years of obsessing over every detail of this 1972 BMW R75/5, Josh completed the project and finally met what he considers his modern-day „pen pal“. Josh, a photographer by day, spent many hours through nights and weekends breathing life back into this airhead that was considered dead. Like many who currently have or had a project of their own, Josh gives us insight into what keeps him obsessing, creating, and building.

(via Petrolicious)


Deine 5 Cent:

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